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The Prom Checklist Countdown

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The Prom Checklist Countdown..

The prom is likely to be the biggest event your daughter has ever prepared for in her young life. Therefore you want to make sure it is perfect for her and nothing is left to chance. Well, preparation is the key to success and you and she will have to start early. Have her read through this timeline with you and see if there is anything she has an issue with or would like to add.

To start with, three to four months before the prom, you should start looking for that perfecprom dress. To start with, try on as many different styles and colours as you can find and have someone who will be honest with you tell you which suits you the best. Also find one you feel comfortable wearing too. The perfect colour will light up your eyes, compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Also, long dresses tend to be the norm for formal occasions, however, find out what everyone else is wearing and where the trend is heading.

At this stage you will also have to start thinking about who you will take as your date. Don't wait until the last minute or, as with your dress, all the good ones will be gone! It is perfectly acceptable for girls to ask guys these days too.

At the three month mark you should order your dress as some stores will have to order in styles. You should also start a fitness and healthy eating program to make your skin glow and you will feel better too. Also start regularly maintaining your hair and nails, either professionally or at home. And, having ordered your dress, decide how best to wear your hair as you may need to grow, cut or colour it. Proper etiquette should also be an important part of any young lady's prom regime - do you know which fork to use first and how to behave? Maybe you should take some etiquette classes, or even speak to your grandma.

Two months from your prom is when you need to start making appointments, this includes hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure. You will also need to organise your transport. You are putting so much effort into looking perfect, you will want to arrive perfectly and this means hiring a limo for yourself and your date. You can even cut the cost by inviting your friends and their dates to share your limo, but book it now as prom season is one of a limo hire company's busiest times.

Also, start searching for the perfect accessories and make sure you let your date know what colour your dress is so he can coordinate his tux or suit.

At this stage you will be getting pretty excited, but remember to stick to your budget, your eating and health plan and get ready for all of the last minute things on your Prom Final Countdown List.

We hope you found our prom article useful. Please feel free to send us some feedback by e-mail.

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