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They say it is always best to lead by example, but it can be hard for most people to set a good example, all of the time, this is where the saying do as I say, not as I do' comes from. However, when you are in the public eye, it is a full time job setting a good example, and you eventually become good at it.

For Prince Albert II of Monaco, it is no hardship to set an environmentally friendly example by utilising a BMW Hydrogen 7 limousine. Prince Albert II was presented with the keys to the hydrogen limousine at the opening of the EVER MONACO environmental exhibition. The use of the limousine is part of the Sustainable Environmental Protection program and this is one of the most important cornerstones of policy in the Principality.

The BMW limousine can be run with almost zero emission when run on the hydrogen setting. The limousine is also the first hydrogen powered luxury vehicle to have successfully completed the development process and produced in numbers great enough to be used by famous personalities the world over.

Prince Albert is also genuinely excited about being able to reduce the emissions from his vehicle usage and has said he will also watch with interest the advancements in technology which can further limit the damage done by humans on the environment. The development and utilisation of the BMW Hydrogen limousine is also a milestone in discovering and promoting alternative technologies. Hydrogen powered vehicles and limousines provide a sustainable option for the future, and many well know TV personalities are getting behind the wheel, including Cameron Diaz, Will Ferell, Jay Leno, not to mention world figures such as German ministers Wolfgang Tiefensee and Michal Glos and the Vice-President of the EU, Genter Verheugen.

For more information about hiring a BMW Hydrogen limousine, or an alternative environmentally friendly limousine in your area, contact Limo Broker now.

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