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Everyone's car has a story and every story is unique and special to you and your partner, family or friends. There was the time you got your car bogged when you went fishing, the time you were caught in the car by the lookout security guard when you were just looking for somewhere romantic to �park' and there are all the family holiday, drive in movie and road trip memories which are embodied on four wheels in your driveway.

Of course some memories are worth more than others and some people will pay a lot of money for memories which aren't even their own. For example, the classic convertible from the �Raiders of the Lost Ark' Indiana Jones movie is up on eBay for $2.5 million. Maybe your memories of �Raiders of the Lost Ark' are of a night at the drive in or of some parking done after the movie, so $2.5 million for Harrison Ford's classic ride is just a drop in the ocean. Then again maybe not.

Regardless of how you feel about movie memories, this Mercedes-style convertible has quite a story to tell. You would of course have your own favourite scene from �Raiders of the Lost Ark', and whether you use your extravagant automobile purchase to escape from Nazis or search for ancient treasures, you'll be in for quite a ride.

Indiana Jones' convertible was built in 1980 by a Coventry coach builder, and was built on the chassis of a Jaguar Mk9 and the body of a Mk5. This classic car has a DOHC engine capable of 285 bhp, which can get it up to 60 m/h in just 6.8 seconds. The auctioned vehicle even still has all of the dents and scratches from the chase scenes and its archaeological adventures, so complete with the original paperwork, you know you're riding in the real thing.

But, if $2.5 million is a little out of your league don't worry because if you contact Limo Broker now, we can organise for a much more affordable, but equally star studded ride by hiring you a luxury limousine which will make all of your movie star dreams come true.

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