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Boys Birthday Party Ideas and limo hire

Having a group of little boys at your house all day to help celebrate your son's birthday can be a daunting thought. There will be red cordial, lots of lollies and screaming, running and chasing through your house and yard.

To avoid the destruction of your house, and your sanity, on your son's birthday, hire your son and his little friends a limousine or a fleet of limousines for his birthday party.

Your son and his friends are unlikely to have ever seen a limousine up close before and seeing them arrive at your house and then being able to ride around town in them will be a real treat.

Limousines in the UK are licensed to carry eight passengers and if there are more than eight little boys coming to your son's birthday, you can hire a fleet of limousines or you can hire a variety of models and colours to allow the boys to experience the different types of limos available.

You can choose from a variety of limousines such as the classic Lincoln Town Cars or stretch limousines or you can even choose a fire engine limousine for a memorable birthday surprise. What little boy doesn't want to be a fireman when he grows up? Hire of the fire engine limousines also includes a fireman outfit for the birthday boy!

You can also choose from the hummer limousines which are fully equipped party buses with disco lights and a dance floor.

The limousine hire company will also be able to replace the champagne in the bar with juice and soft drinks as well as offer snacks and even decorate the limousine with streamers and balloons in your son's favourite colours.

The limousine can pick up all of your son's friends so you don't have to worry about car pooling them all back and forth to the restaurant. The chauffeur can also drive around your neighbourhood or cruise through the city before dropping the kids off.

To complete the limousine experience, you may even want to make it a theme, where each boy dresses up as a fireman, his favourite movie star or character.

For more information about limousines hire available for your son's birthday party, contact Limo Broker today and arrive in style.

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