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Later in the month the Limousine Operators of Western New York (LOWNY) will be holding a chauffeur training session for anyone interested in the industry. LOWNY members and employees gain free access while non members pay a small entrance fee to listen to speakers and ask questions about the limousine hire industry.

The training session is calling for anyone involved in limousine services to attend, or send just one staff member to reconnect with the industry and hear what the speakers have to say. Those completing the session will receive a certificate and the training is not just for those already in the industry, but also for those interested in becoming a chauffeur or beginning a limousine service.

The intention of the session is to get all chauffeurs and interested potential limousine hire company operators trained in the safety and responsibilities of being a professional in the industry. Not only will the speakers be from the limousine hire industry, by seminars will also be held by state troopers and border agents to give attendees a wider scope of understanding.

Local limousine operators will also be at the sessions during question and answer periods and while one short course run by a limousine industry association is not enough to qualify chauffeurs or operators to enter the industry, it gives them another level of understanding to work from.

Listening to the state troopers and border agents speak about the regulations and licensing which apply to the industry, as well as being able to ask any free ranging question of an existing operator gives those interested in entering the industry a chance to see the real life challenges and procedures instead of simply learning the theory and the business practices.

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