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Sweet Deals For Chauffeurs..

Jaguar has released the first program of its kind aimed at making the job of a chauffeur that little bit easier and offering much welcomed help. The new Chauffeur Programme offers an attractive extras package to chauffeurs who choose the new XJ long wheelbase their next limousine.

The Chauffeur Programme aims to make buying, owning and maintain a Jaguar limousine as easy as possible and with these extras everyone will wish they were a chauffeur. The Head of Jaguar Corporate Sales, David Spencer says that the �XJ long wheelbase is already a strong competitor in the rapidly expanding chauffeur market. It costs �6,000 less than its nearest competitor and has a Benefit-In-Kind rating of 32% making it best-in-class. With strong residual values and whole life costs accompanied by support from the Jaguar Chauffeur Programme, chauffeurs can enjoy hassle-free ownership'.

The key hassle-free aspects of the program include; a replacement vehicle if the chauffeur's limo is off the road for any reason. Priority servicing and repairs to ensure the chauffeur receives their limousine back as soon as possible. Free membership for one year to the Quintessentially Jaguar Global Concierge Service which allows chauffeurs to offer their passengers extra services such as sought after theatre tickets, reservations at exclusive restaurants and last minute hotel reservations. And tailored finance options so no chauffeur has to miss out on this great deal.

Plus chauffeurs can even have a loan Jaguar limousine for 48 hours to get a feel for the new XJ and help them make the final decision. At around �47,292 for the 2.7-litre V6 Diesel Executive long wheelbase the Jag is also built with an all aluminium body making it lighter than most other comparable limos giving it faster acceleration and a more responsive drive.

Jaguar have worked hard to deliver not only a great deal on their newest limousine, but also to create a car any chauffeur and any passenger would be happy to ride in.

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