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The limousine industry is one of the hardest ones to keep up with, which is surprising since the vehicles are built and utilised for comfort and luxury rather than for speed. However, it is this added style and class which must be included, modified and converted at every turn, which makes the limousine industry laws so hard to follow.

This is why the Head of Traffic Enforcement policy Neil Barlow and Passenger Service Vehicle Policy Engineer Ian Bacon will be hosting a seminar at the Drive '08 event to make the changes, current laws and required regulations as easy to follow as a pink fire engine limousine. The seminar has been designed to address the overall limo process from designing, importing and purchasing the vehicles for your fleet, right through to everything you need to know about registration, licensing, operation and maintenance requirements and advice.

The compliance with licensing and regulations in the UK limo industry is nowhere near as high as it should be and while some of this is because limo hire companies are trying to save money and avoid time consuming licensing and safety checks, there are many limo hire companies which simply don't know about all of the current changes and requirements. Therefore, the seminars at Drive '08 aim to improve the compliance of UK limo hire companies and ensure that their limousine fleets are safe and legal.

And not only will the seminar cover the current laws and regulations, it will also address proposed and foreseen future changes to the industry to help limo hire companies and chauffeurs plan their future purchases and modifications. One such change to industry laws is the proposed introduction of the EC whole vehicle-type approval scheme.

So while running a successful limo hire company is about looking after your customers and giving them the best possible service, you also need to take time to attend events like Drive '08 and the incorporated seminars to ensure you keep up with your industry and your competitors.

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