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Fuel is one of the biggest costs for any limo hire company and it is something which you just can't avoid paying for. However, if your limo hire company employs limousine chauffeurs, and doesn't simply contract in chauffeurs with their own limousines who cover their own expenses, your fuel costs can often be even higher.

When an employee is working for someone else, rather than working for themselves in their own business, they are much less likely to consider how their actions affect the bottom line. While in most businesses the issue is the amount of time employees spend on the internet or how many photocopies they're making of their party invitations, in a limo hire company the issue leads back to fuel.

If a chauffeur is not paying for the fuel they are not worried about their fuel efficiency and are likely to be found in their limousine with the climate control on and the radio/TV/stereo cranked up while their passengers are enjoying their event. While the chauffeur has to be ready at all times to pick up their passengers when needed, they also need to be conscious of how much fuel they use.

Therefore, some limousine hire companies will track the fuel consumption of each of their chauffeurs. This can be done using specialist computing software, or by simply entering the distance of the run and the amount of fuel used into a spreadsheet and calculating which of your chauffeurs achieves the best miles per gallon in a month long period.

These limo hire companies may use this data to pit the chauffeurs against each other and post the list each month with the hopes that whoever is at the bottom will try their best not to be there again. Or the limo hire company can privately use the data to reprimand their chauffeurs and ensure that the high fuel consuming behaviour is rectified.

Either way, the limo hire company gets more information on their business and finds a new way to make their chauffeurs more conscious of their consumption. Knowledge is power.

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