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Carbon Neutral Limo Hire for Virgin Atlantic Flights

Back in 2006 when Sir Richard Branson announced a new plan to plant trees to offset the carbon emissions produced by his airline's limousine services, he was met with criticism and scepticism. Critics said that the trees would not be enough to cover the amount of emissions produced, and that the trees planted would not be able to combat the emissions until they matured.

Virgin Atlantic uses Volvo limousines to drive its upper-class passengers to Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports as part of the extra service and unique approach which typifies Sir Richard's approach to business, and life. In planting trees to combat the emissions of the Volvo limousines Branson is taking an active step to make a difference to the carbon footprint of his company and should be congratulated for his efforts.

The emissions produced by the Virgin limousine airport transfers would equate to planting several hundred trees each year. However, critics have said that this is not anywhere near enough to make up for the emissions of the aircraft which Virgin runs. However, back in 2006, very few people were aware of their carbon footprint and while furiously blushing, would vehemently deny that they had produced any harmful emissions.

Several years on however, it is clear (as is often the case) that Sir Richard Branson was ahead of his time in offsetting the emissions from his limousines and his aircraft as most major airlines will now encourage you to purchase carbon credits when you fly, and what's more interesting is that most people do.

Not only do people look to purchase carbon credits when they fly, but they also look for the option with other products and services which can be harmful to the environment and so in offsetting the limousine emissions, Branson lead the pack there too.

For more information about hiring a low emissions limousine from a limo hire company which is conscious of reducing its carbon footprint, contact Limo Broker now.

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