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Airports are currently a very sensitive place and everyone understands that with recent threatening events, there is a need for increased security for the safety of the passengers, the staff and the general public. Each airport has a different way of dealing with these increased safety regulations, especially with regards to who is allowed inside the terminal.

Airport security is ranging from total bans of chauffeurs and friends and family from the terminal, to security checks and passes issued to chauffeurs waiting to meet clients in their limousines.

The issues with security have highlighted other issues with the operations of a number of airports. For example, there are many airport arrivals terminals with little road space for chauffeurs to leave their limousines while they go in to meet their clients. Therefore, there is congestion and confusion outside of the terminal making security officials nervous.

The terminal at Jackson MS has a system set up especially for the limousine chauffeurs and those meeting passengers on the flights. The chauffeurs simply sign in their vehicle for 15 minutes, go in to meet their passenger and sign out again.

The New York and New Jersey Port Authority is trialling a new program where chauffeurs report when they enter the terminal and are issued with ID badges for security as well as to do away with chauffeurs who are simply hustlers. Chauffeurs can either have their badges created in the terminal or they can have them created ahead of time and posted out.

Making the airport transfer run smoothly is again the responsibility of the chauffeur who should scope out the airport terminal before the pick up or drop off time and find out the rules and regulations for the particular airport.

With the number of different airports and authorities presiding over these areas, it is no wonder that across the world, and even across the country, there is no uniform solution which allows the chauffeurs to meet their passengers and keeps the terminals accessible for the public.

It is still up to the chauffer to work out the easiest way to help you to the limo, so for more information about an airport transfer in your area, contact Limo Broker now.

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