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Top Rolls Royce Models for Luxury Travel in the UK

If you're looking to travel in unparalleled luxury, nothing quite matches the sophistication and elegance of a Rolls Royce. At Limo Broker, we specialise in providing an extensive range of chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce models that promise to make your journey as memorable as the destination itself.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the epitome of luxury travel. Its timeless design, combined with state-of-the-art technology, makes it a favourite among our clients. With its spacious interiors and smooth ride, the Phantom is ideal for weddings, corporate events, and any occasion that demands the best.

Rolls Royce Ghost

For those who prefer a slightly more understated elegance, the Rolls Royce Ghost offers a perfect blend of refinement and performance. This model is particularly popular for business travel and special evenings out. Its advanced features ensure a comfortable and stylish journey, making every trip a pleasure.

Rolls Royce Wraith

The Rolls Royce Wraith is known for its powerful performance and sleek design. This grand tourer is perfect for those who desire both luxury and speed. Whether you're attending a high-profile event or simply wish to enjoy a scenic drive through the UK countryside, the Wraith delivers an unforgettable experience.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Experience the joy of open-top motoring with the Rolls Royce Dawn. This convertible model combines elegance with the thrill of the open road. Perfect for summer weddings or a luxurious day out, the Dawn ensures you arrive in style.

Our services are available across the UK, from the vibrant streets of London to the picturesque landscapes of Scotland. Whether you're in Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, or any other part of the country, Limo Broker guarantees a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

Comparison of Top Rolls Royce Models
Model Ideal For Key Features
Phantom Weddings, Corporate Events Spacious Interiors, State-of-the-Art Technology
Ghost Business Travel, Special Evenings Refinement, Advanced Features
Wraith High-Profile Events, Scenic Drives Powerful Performance, Sleek Design
Dawn Summer Weddings, Luxurious Days Out Convertible, Open-Top Motoring

Our Services

At Limo Broker, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of luxury car hire services across the UK. From wedding car hire to sports car hire, our selection ensures we have the perfect vehicle for any occasion. Our fleet includes not only Rolls Royce models but also other prestigious brands such as Bentley, Aston Martin, and Maybach.

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Why Choose Limo Broker?

With over 20 years of experience, Limo Broker is a trusted name in luxury car hire. Our commitment to excellent customer service and easy online booking makes us the go-to choice for clients across the UK. We work with hundreds of operators to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.


  1. What areas do you cover?
  2. We cover the entire UK, including major cities and remote locations. Whether you're in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, or any other part of the country, we can provide luxury car hire services.

  3. How do I book a Rolls Royce?
  4. Booking a Rolls Royce with us is easy. Simply visit our website, compare prices, and complete the booking process online. Our customer service team is also available to assist you with any queries.

  5. Can I hire a Rolls Royce for a wedding?
  6. Yes, Rolls Royce models are a popular choice for weddings. We offer a range of vehicles, including the Phantom and the Dawn, which are perfect for making your special day even more memorable.

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