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Driving a Ferrari: The Pinnacle of British Luxury Car Experiences Few experiences match the exhilaration of driving a Ferrari, the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and engineering prowess. At Limo Broker, we understand the allure these prestigious machines hold, and we're thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to take the wheel of one of the world's most iconic sports cars right here in the UK. As pioneers in the luxury car hire industry, we've spent over two decades perfecting our services to ensure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're looking to make a grand entrance at an event, gift someone a drive of a lifetime, or just tick off a bucket-list dream, our fleet of Ferraris is at your disposal.

Booking Your Ferrari Experience

Booking with us is a breeze. Our intuitive online platform allows you to compare prices and select the Ferrari model that sets your pulse racing. Our commitment to excellent customer service means we're always here to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our Fleet of Ferraris

As connoisseurs of luxury transport, we offer a diverse selection of Ferrari models. Each one boasts a unique character and performance profile, ensuring we have a supercar to satisfy every enthusiast's desire.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about delivering a service that exceeds your expectations. We're committed to making your Ferrari hire an unforgettable journey of speed, style, and sophistication.

UK-Wide Luxury Car Hire

Our network extends across the nation, ensuring you can experience the thrill of a Ferrari wherever you are in the UK. From the bustling streets of London to the picturesque roads of the Scottish Highlands, our service knows no bounds.

Ferrari Models Available for Hire
Model Top Speed 0-60 mph
Ferrari 488 GTB 205 mph 3.0 seconds
Ferrari California T 196 mph 3.6 seconds
Ferrari Portofino 199 mph 3.5 seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a special license to drive a Ferrari?

    No, your standard full UK driving license is all you need to take to the roads in one of our Ferraris.

  • Is insurance included in the hire?

    Yes, comprehensive insurance is included for peace of mind during your luxury driving experience.

  • How long can I hire a Ferrari for?

    We offer flexible hire durations, from a few hours of driving pleasure to an entire weekend of luxury.

With Limo Broker, your ultimate driving fantasy becomes a reality. We invite you to connect with us and start planning your Ferrari adventure. Feel the power, hear the roar, and live the dream as you command the roads in one of the finest machines ever built.

Start Your Engine

Ready to experience the ultimate thrill? Book your Ferrari hire today and join the elite few who know the true meaning of power and luxury behind the wheel.

For those seeking a glimpse into the opulence of the British motoring world, look no further than Limo Broker – where your extraordinary journey begins.

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