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Many houses are now being built with home theatre rooms for your family to enjoy the theatre experience without the expense and hassle of going to the cinema, buying tickets, dripping your ice cream everywhere in the dark and missing half the film because the guy next to you was talking on his phone.

However, if your house is on the small side or you simply want to make your personal cinema experience a bit more special, you need to hire the 888 Hummer, also known as the Casino Hummer from Limo Broker now.

The black, 888 Hummer is one of highest spec Hummer limousine in the UK and offers a true cinema experience with only the people you want to sit with. Since the 888 limo is a Hummer, it is already imposing, head turning and impressive on the outside. However the Hummer 888 is one of the most popular in the UK.

The Hummer 888 of course has all of the luxury and features you would expect from a modern Hummer limousine, but it also has the following features:

  • Chrome Alloys.
  • Flat screens.
  • DVD / CD player..
  • Disco lights.
  • Laser lights.
  • Rear VIP area.
  • Chrome wheels.
  • And much more...

You may think that having that many TVs in a limousine is a bit excessive, however there are actually different areas within the limousine to ensure there is something for everyone.

As with all of the Hummer limousines, the exterior paintwork is as individual as the limousines are and the 888 has a style of its own.

If you want to wow not only those you pass on the street, but your friends, family or partner, the Hummer 888 is the way to go as it is the ultimate in indulgent, accessorised limousine transport.

For more information about hiring the Hummer 888 or any other Hummer limousine in your area, contact Limo Broker now.

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