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Limousines are all about the extras and the luxury and this is exactly the motivation behind the Bentley Arnage limousine - unashamed opulence. However, the limousine industry is also a very competitive one, and with the release of the Arnage, Bentley aims to outstrip the current leaders of the luxury car industry, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

The Maybach 62 from Mercedes-Benz and the Rolls Royce Phantom from BMW are currently at the top of the luxury limousine ladder with Bentley gaining quickly. There has been no expense spared on the design and creation of the Arnage and as was the business structure in the 1920s and 30s, modern day Bentley enthusiasts can also have the Arnage created to their own specifications, so really with the levels of luxury, and with the price, the sky is the limit.

However, the cost of the Bentley Arnage is well deserved as every piece is shaped by hand and one limousine can take up to 6,000 hours to complete.

Apart from all the extra love you get put into your new Bentley, the Arnage can also be fitted with armoured protection if you feel the need, as you don't want your relaxation time in the spacious interior to be interrupted by a few pesky bullets. There is also a smaller rear window in the new Bentley which helps to add to the feeling of seclusion and privacy.

While the wheelbase has been extended on this model of the Bentley, the limousine manages to not look awkward or imposing as the front has been adjusted by adding double individual headlights to give it a sportier look.

Of course, as with any modern limousine, the new Arnage can be decked out with the latest modern technology to ensure the passengers have everything they need whether they are using the limousine for work or play.

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