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Throwing your own baby shower is a bit like organising your own hen's night, you don't do it - someone else takes care of it. However, this doesn't mean that you can't offer a few helpful suggestions to your mum or your sister, or whoever is organising your baby shower for you, after all the celebrations are in your and your baby's honour, you can have a little say in the planning.

One suggestion you may want to offer up early on is your own transport to the party in Bournemouth. Since you are not planning the party it won't be at your house so, heavily pregnant that you are, you will have to find some way to easily get to your own baby shower in Bournemouth. Of course a friend or a family member could take you, but again, they are probably the ones organising the party so they have so many other things to do before the guests arrive that playing taxi is out of the question.

Therefore, why not suggest a limousine ride to the baby shower for the mum-to-be? A limousine ride is very easy to organise so you won't be adding extra planning pressure to the party organisation and a limousine ride to the baby shower takes care of a few other issues too.

For example, how will you get all of your gifts and balloons home from Bournemouth after the shower? Well your limousine will have plenty of room for all of your new baby goodies, as well as plenty of room for you to sit back and be comfortable, something which is a rare occurrence these days.

And of course, not all of your friends and family will be hanging steamers and cleaning the house, so for those friends and family who are coming simply as guests, you can pick them up on the way to your baby shower too, for a fun and girly day out, something else which has become rarer as the baby gets closer.

Also, if you know whether your baby is going to be a boy or a girl, you can colour coordinate your baby shower limousine too, as well as adding to the party atmosphere by having a bottle of (non alcoholic of course) champagne cooling in the limo bar for the ride.

For more information about having a limousine take you to your baby shower in Bournemouth in comfort and style, contact Limo Broker now.

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