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Wedding Bouquet... Keep it or Throw it???

Not sure whether you should throw your wedding bouquet to the single girls or keep it for your memories?

Here's a few good reasons to keep your wedding bouquet and also ideas about keeping it without upsetting anyone.

Flowers and bouquets play a vital (and costly) role in your perfect wedding day and it would be a shame if they wilted after a week and were thrown out.

For example, your bridal bouquet is traditionally thrown to all the single girls at the end of the wedding. What happens after that is anyone's guess; the lucky girl may take it home and treasure it awaiting her own wedding day or she may intend to keep it but forget to take it home and leave it on the bridal table of the reception venue.

Whatever happens, you may want to throw a display bouquet or even just a single flower for the girls to fight over.

Or are you wondering why you would want to keep your flowers at all? The flowers you chose for your wedding would have been flowers that were special to you, ones you love and maybe ones your partner bought you on your first date? Preserving them means you have a reminder of your special day and something to show future generation of aspiring brides.

While brides have aimed to preserve their bouquets for many years, new technology allows you to freeze dry your flowers retaining the flowers shape and colour. For the best results, contact a preserver before the wedding to find out about special care instructions. Otherwise, simply deliver the flowers to the preserver as soon as possible after the wedding. Also, keep your bouquet fresh in water and away from direct sunlight. Try to take care of the flowers on the day too by not dropping them or crushing them in hugs.

Forget what you've heard from other people and don't put your flowers in a plastic bag as they will sweat and don't put them in the fridge as domestic fridges are colder than florist fridges and the flowers will burn. Also don't try to seal your flowers with any spray, especially hairspray as this damages their surface.

Preserving can take six to eight weeks so you'll have time to decide how you want to display your flowers when you get home. The best way is to seal them in a glass box in which you can add photos, horseshoes, or your wedding certificate to the display.

To make your wedding memories last longer consider a display box with all the parts of your wedding that made it extra special for you.

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