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Every girl wants her wedding day to be unique and that includes finding a dress that makes you look and feel like a princess. However, not all of us can find the right dress off the rack, but there are plenty of bridal boutiques which will custom make a dress just for you.

When getting a wedding dress made, the boutique will look at the style you are after, the season of the wedding and find a style you will feel comfortable with. Designers can then work out the style of dress which suits your body shape and go from there.

If there are aspects of your figure you are not entirely happy about, don't worry. You won't have to spend eight hours a day at the gym for six months before your wedding to look beautiful. For example, women with a large bust are usually short in the waist, so choosing a design with a lower waistline and a supportive bra and even shoulder pads, creates a lengthening effect. Women with larger hips can hide them by choosing a style with a straight skirt and a full over skirt starting just inside the front darts of the dress. This creates a panel in the front and the effect of a slim waist line. If you are small in the bust, a dress with a cross over bodice will add one and a half to two inches in size. And for shorter women, a full skirt will give the impression of extra inches in height.

When choosing the fabric, many brides opt for polyester or taffeta because of their affordability. However, choosing live fabrics such as silk ensures breatheability for the bride and a resistance to creasing. All fabrics sit differently when worn, so ask an expert which is right for the style of dress you re after. Here are some examples of common bridal fabrics; chiffon is a plain woven sheer fabric which creates a soft drape. It can be made from silk, polyester or rayon. Dupion silk is also a plain woven fabric made from yarns which create a highly irregular surface. This irregularity gives a unique rustle and lustre to the dress. Georgette is a sheer lightweight fabric and is made from twisted crepe fibres which gives it the illusion of moving on its own. Organza can be made of silk, rayon, nylon or polyester and is manufactured to be a stiffer fabric. When used as an overskirt, organza has enough body to stand out but still moves freely, while as an interlining, organza will hold the shape of a dress without being bulky.

For more information on styles and fabrics to suit you, speak to your designer to ensure you are a one of a kind bride.

Over the next few months, we will be adding links to wedding gowns and wedding dresses. We have added a prom dress hire link here help you for now. You cab normally organise a wedding dress though these kind of companies.

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