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Every high school student dreams of their prom night all year and can picture the perfect night in their head, stylish suit, gorgeous dress, hot date and a head turning limousine.

But there is a lot of work to ensure that all of these dreams are just as prefect in reality. While you will visit hundreds prom dress shops to find the right outfit for the night and agonise about how to ask out the new girl, you need to spend just as much time making sure you get that perfect, head turning limo.

There are a lot of limo hire companies out there so be prepared to call around and get a feel for the companies, their prices and the limos available. Make sure you are polite as this will ensure the hire company treats you with respect.

Also, don't leave it to the last minute as prom season is one of the limo hire company's busiest times so you may have to call several companies to get the limo you want.

Try asking friends and family if they know of any good limo hire companies. They may have recently hired a limo for a wedding or know someone who has. This can also alert you to any bad reports doing the rounds about a limo hire company too.

To double check the limo hire company you are considering for prom night, check with an industry association or consumer and business affairs offices for any bad reports they have received.

Also, make sure everything is in writing; this protects you as you have the time, date, model of limo and any inclusions in writing to ensure you get what you ordered. That piece of paper should also have a cancellation note too. For some reason, your date might fall ill, your friends won't pay their share of the limo hire or for any other reason you may have to cancel the limo. Make sure you are able to cancel and that you won't be charged a cancellation fee, but will get back any deposit you have paid.

So don't let a limo hire company take you for a ride because you are still at school. Prom night is important for every school student and you want to make sure it is perfect for you.

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