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Ideas & Tips for Stag Night's & Weekends...

When it comes to arranging anything men are notoriously known for leaving it till the last minute. If that sounds just like you and your best friend has given you the task of arranging his stag night then read below for some pointers to help you get organised.

Here are some important tips:

  • Firstly, DO try to plan ahead as much as possible.
  • Try to get the number attending the stag do before hand.
  • Determine a budget.
  • Fix a date and time.
  • Book well in advance, any confirmation notes should be put together in a safe place.

Organising a stag can be quite difficult especially if you have never done it before. Timing everything correctly will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the night. Men are usually better at time keeping in comparison to women so this will be an extra added bonus.

You can start off your evening with a quick drink at a local pub- but remember to keep it quick. If there is a group of more than 4 people then it will probably be a good idea to organise some transport to your next destination. Hiring a Hummer for the occasion will make the event memorable. Hummers usually consist of flat screen TVs, surround sound, DVD player and some limousines also have Play Station 2 installed. This will help to give the night an extra edge.

You may want to go onto having a meal at a restaurant, in the mean time you may want to arrange for the limousine to pick up the stripper (if you are going to have one). Most limousine companies will be happy to have a striper in the car as long as you abide by their conditions. Please confirm this when you book. Remember, this counts as an extra passenger in the limo.

You probably wouldn't want to cut the night short at this point, so another option would be for you to go onto a local casino. (Remember to collect all the money for the occasion before hand this will prevent any delays). Or alternatively you may want to go out on a pub/club crawl.

If you fancy something completely different you may want to go go-karting for the day, or possibly go to a race track for the day - again it may be a nice idea to arrange a limousine for the transfer as this would mean that the whole party will be together, rather than being in separate cars.

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