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Stag Night Tips

Stag Night Tips...

When planning a stag night/weekend, it's always good to throw some ideas around with the other party members as some of them may have other plans. If you're not sure what to do, please take a quick browse through our stag ideas article which might help you find some more information.

As the best man, the responsibility falls to you to organise a fun and memorable stag party for your best friend that won't get him in (too much) trouble with his bride to be.

First of all you need to decide what you are going to do as this determines the cost, transport, locations and number invited.

For example, you may want to hire a limo for your stag and his mates. The limo will be able to pick up everyone and take them to a restaurant for dinner (to line the stomach before the drinking begins) and then to the pub or pubs afterwards. You will also be able to fit most of your group into one or two limos and you will be able to chat and drink between venues as well. The limo will also wait for you at each venue and at the end of the night take you all home so there's no need to try and find a cab at the same time as everyone else in the city.

The stag you are catering for may be slightly more adventurous than that and therefore you may want to add a few rounds of paint ball or go-karting before heading for the pub.

Or for the sporty stag, take in a game of football, hockey, cricket or even a motor sport race that may be in town at the time to get the adrenalin pumping. There is also no better way to arrive at the cricket stadium than in a chauffeur driven limo. You will turn heads as you arrive and you won't have to drive around and around trying to find a park and miss the first half of the game!

The stag night is traditionally two weeks before the actual wedding allowing enough time for the groom to recover from his hangover and die his hair back to its natural colour if necessary.

There are many themes, pranks and places you can go to celebrate your best mate's 'last night of freedom'. You may also want to have t-shirts or hats printed with the groom's name and the wedding date or in the theme you have chosen for the stag party.

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