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Stag Night Monopoly

Stag Night Monopoly

Most stag nights have themes and costumes which all of the guys celebrating with the stag will join in with. However, some stag night themes make little sense and don't really have anything to do with the pubs or places you are going to.

But since you are in the UK, why not organise a Monopoly board pub crawl? There is no better reason to visit as many pubs in the night as you can, than insisting that you have to make it all the way around the Monopoly board on your stag night!

And what better way to play your way around town in the game where you are supposed to come out rolling in money, than in a chauffeur driven limousine? Your limousine will pick you up from your door and be waiting when you are ready to roll the dice.

To really get into the Monopoly mood, get your mates to dress up on the Monopoly stag night. They can choose to be their favourite playing piece; the dog, the top hat or the boot, or one of you can dress up as MrMonopoly himself, most likely the stag, and lead all of the pieces around the board, avoid jail and maybe even win a beauty contest on the way.

Of course not all of the Monopoly properties have pubs on them but it is alright if you substitute Park Lane for Old Park Lane and visit the Rose and Crown Hotel. There is often more than one pub to choose from on your favourite coloured Monopoly property and if you choose to visit Mayfair, you will see the Shepherds Market where there are a variety of pubs, coffee shops, restaurants and clubs where you can get a bowl of water for your �dog' or reload your �cannon'.

And whether you win, lose, are mortgaged or a millionaire, your limousine will be waiting to take all of your fortunes home for the perfect end to your stag night.

For more information about limousines available for a Monopolyboardstagnight, contact Limo Broker now and arrive in true style.

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