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Stag Party Planning..

When you have invited the boys, planned the pranks and chosen the venue, there are a few things to remember on the stag night to make sure everyone has a good time, except maybe the groom!

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The organisational responsibility for a stag party usually falls to the best man. As such, make sure all of the boys have put money into a �kitty'. This pays for each round of drinks which ensures that no one skips out on that responsibility and that the group stays together to get their next round and doesn't go into the pub down the road instead.

The best man will also have to make sure that any games or pranks are on schedule and that the stag is sufficiently docile (drunk) to allow them to happen.

There are few clubs who will welcome a large group of drunken men on a stag night and if you have your heart set on a particular pub, you don't want to be barred entrance. Therefore, try to split into smaller groups when approaching the next venue and do your best to appear sober(ish) to the bouncer on the door. You will then be able to meet up inside and recommence your celebrations.

Also, try not to loose your head completely and start a fight, smash a chair or generally make a git of yourself. It is this behaviour that is traditionally associated with stag nights, so much so that many bars have introduced a no stag night policy for their patrons. You don't want to end the night in handcuffs - not all of you anyway.

The next morning, the details may be slightly foggy and you may not want to remember some of the things you got up to. Having sad that, try to impress upon all of the boys the credo of �what happened on the stag night stays on the stag night'. This is less embarrassing for everyone involved and is especially helpful for keeping the groom out of trouble.

Please more stag information, please visit our stag party information homepage.

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