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Airport Limo Hire Must Wait...

The war between taxis and limos is raging on many levels in many different states and countries. Taxi drivers and companies are angry that limousines are taking their customers by offering cheap trips in luxury cars with chauffeurs in smart uniforms. In many areas, limousines and chauffeurs don't have to follow the same regulations or licensing as taxi drivers, at least not as strictly.

Therefore, in an effort to differentiate between the two industries, there is a taxi company in Birmingham in the US which is pushing for a minimum one hour wait before passengers looking for a limousine can be picked up, while the cab companies can pick up passengers on the spot.

The hope is that the luxury car and limousine industry will be put back in the place of occasional and planned out hiring and the taxis can pick back up on the impromptu transport needs of passengers.

Having a waiting time enforced on limousine hire companies and the passengers who want to use them is unfairly limiting. While people may appreciate the fact that some limousines are almost the same price as taxis, they also appreciate the extra service, cleanliness and respect they receive from a professional chauffeur and a quality limousine.

While prearranged transport is what the limo hire industry specialises in, if there are limo hire companies which want to give airport travellers the impulse choice between quality or adequate transport, why should they be restricted?

However, does a one hour rule restrict the passenger who calls their regular limo hire company while they are collecting their bags and only have to wait ten minutes for the limo hire company to send one of their limousines which happens to be in the area?

While limo hire companies generally don't trawl the airport looking for work, the passengers coming out of the airport should not have their decision about airport transfers made for them even before they land.

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