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Why Check the Contract...

So what are the right answers and why do you need to know them?

The Hire Contract

Must it be signed by someone over 18 years of age?
This shows the limo hire company is responsible and looking out for your kids going to the movies or to their prom. If a contract is signed by someone under 18, this can void the contract and all of the limo hire company's responsibilities to you.

Is there a refund or cancellation policy?
You never know when your son may break up with his girlfriend and decide not to go to prom, or there may be a family emergency which means you have to put off your wedding but make sure you can get a refund, and at the very least, a credit for hire at another time.

Is the limo colour, model and style specified on the contract?
You may go out and look at a limo which you think is perfect but you also need to make sure that is the exact limo which will show up on the day.

Is the service guaranteed?
You also need to be protected if the limo hire company has an emergency and can't get your limo to you. This may be because of weather, or an accidental double booking but you should be entitled to an identical limo from a partner company, or a refund.

Is there a payment plan and when do you have to pay?
Do you have to pay up front, are you happy with the deposit amount and can you pay in instalments to make sure you are happy with the service before you pay the full amount?

Are you happy with the payment options?
Some limo hire companies specify that you can only pay via credit card as this ensures they get their payment right away and are not waiting to find out if a cheque has cleared but make sure you are happy to pay on credit too.

How many pick ups and drop offs are allowed for?
These can be expensive if there are more than you had planned for and never just assume that there will be enough included in the contract for your event.

Is the price fixed?
Are you booking a year in advance or just before a new financial year? Well make sure your prices and your quote are fixed in the contract.

Is the timeline fixed?
Even the best laid plans can be disrupted at the most well organised event so make sure your contract and your limo hire are flexible and that changes won't cost you a fortune.

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