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Why Check the Chauffeur...

So what are the right answers and why do you need to know them?

The Chauffeur

Is the chauffeur dressed appropriately?
Chauffeurs will try to dress for comfort as well as style and in a way which allows them to easily address any mechanical faults with their limo during their shift. However, at the same time they should also be dressed smartly for your special event or function.

Is the chauffeur fully licensed?
There are a number of licenses and tests a chauffeur needs to pass before they can get behind the wheel of their limo and they can also differ across the country so make sure you see current, relevant qualifications.

Is the chauffeur an experienced driver?
There is a big difference between being a good driver and being a good limousine chauffeur. A limousine chauffeur must not only know the road rules and be an observant and safe driver, but they must also always drive with the smoothness of the passenger ride in mind and this can often only come with on the road experience.

Is the chauffeur experienced with this type of limo?
Not all limousines are the same as some are older, longer, from different countries or different manufacturers and they each one needs special skills to be driven well.

Does the chauffeur know the area the event is being held?
You don't want your chauffeur getting lost do you? Plus they may even know some shortcuts, local secrets or have the perfect suggestion for a stunning photo opportunity.

Is the chauffeur polite?
A rude chauffeur will quickly ruin your day and since it is only you and the other passengers in the limo with the chauffeur, there is no escaping a rude and bitter driver.

Is the chauffeur helpful?
The chauffeur will often be your first port of call for assistance throughout the day and during your event and they should be ready to help you with any issue whether you need to find a bathroom or you need to sew up a dress strap.

Is the chauffeur happy being a chauffeur?
If your chauffeur loves their job it will show in the extra lengths they go to to help you out and in their manner, the way they present themselves and it will probably also mean they have been a chauffeur for a number of years and intend to be a chauffeur for many more so they will do everything they can to make sure you enjoy your limo ride and come back for more soon.

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