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Why Check the Outside of a Limo

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Why Check the Outside of a Limo...

So what are the right answers and why do you need to know them?

Outside the Limo

Is the limo clean?
Your stunning and stylish first impression of arriving in a limousine will be marred if the limo is dusty, dirty and dull.

Is the limo well maintained?
Likewise, no one will be impressed by a limousine which has rust spots, paint chips, un-blackened tyres and a dull exterior as we all have our own car at home in the garage which looks like that and you are hiring a limo because it is spotless inside and out.

Does the limo have the limo hire company's name, logo or decal in inappropriate displays on the exterior?
You don't want to have the name and logo of the limo hire company plastered across the outside of your special ride and it also may not be appropriate if the limo is being used for a funeral, or being used in wedding photos which should be keepsakes of the day, not of the contractors you used.

Is the limo a cool colour for an event on a hot day?
If your limo hire event is planned for a hot day, choose a limo in a cooler colour like white, cream or silver as it will reflect the sun making it an even cooler ride.

Is the limo a warm colour for an event on a cool day?
At the same time, if your event is planned for a hot day, you can make the most of the extra warmth absorbed by darker coloured limousines.

Is the colour appropriate to the event?
Limo photos on websites and in brochures can be deceiving so check for yourself you are happy that the cream limo really is cream and not baby pink.

Does the limo have enough ground clearance?
You don't want to have to walk miles to your special event because your limo is too low or too long to get over uneven ground at a country wedding or over un-maintained roads in the city.

Is the limo manoeuvrable within your venue parking and drop off?
You also want to make sure your limo drops you off close to your venue in case of weather constraints so make sure it is not too long or too big to fit into hotel drop off points or car parks.

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