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10 Wheeler Hummer T2 Limo

A Hummer is a head turner at the best of times, and it is not every day you see a stretched Hummer limousine, and that's quite a sight when you do. So can you imagine the impression you would make when you hire a ten wheeler Hummer limousine?

Not only is the ten wheeled Hummer the only one of its kind in the UK, but it is also a silver and black, Terminator 2 themed limousine too. the super, super stretched Hummer limousine party bus can seat up to 16 of your closest friends for the best night out you could imagine. And don't you hate it, when you're riding around in a stretched limousine and you are fighting with your fellow passengers over what to watch? Well never fear because in the T2 Hummer limousine there are six plasma TV screens to avoid any television tangles.

Of course a themed Terminator 2 limousine wouldn't be themed without some memorabilia from the film and encased behind glass and on display in our ten wheeler Hummer limousine is a robotic hand and arm from the terminator himself, and in a second display case is Arnie's robotic head, watching over you as you pour yourself a drink - he knows you'll be back!

And there is no chance of you getting bored during your ride in the ten wheeler Hummer limousine as the floor and ceiling change colours, there is a karaoke machine to rock out to, three bars lit with fibre optics and big bass sound systems, not to mention the fun you can create from reliving your own favourite scenes from Terminator 2.

With the size of the T2 Hummer limousine, and the effort put into the themes and decoration, this limousine will create a party atmosphere like no other, making it perfect for a prom night, girls' night out, stag night, or you could even use it as part of your wedding limousine convoy if you're feeling particularly adventurous!

We also have a fleet of other exotic Hummer limos including the 6 wheeler Hummer limo, the 8 wheeler Hummer limo for hire and many more. For more information about being one of the first to ride in the one and only ten wheeler Hummer limousine in the UK, contact Limo Broker now.

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